Just do it

People are so so lazy my title just do it means basically just do it. Stop waiting for the law of attraction to help you. Stop depending on others to change your life. Just do it.

God isn’t going to change your life for you. The universe isn’t going to physically hand you £1 million. Imagining or thinking something 1 trillion times it’s not goingto make it happen. Only you can change things. Only you can think of an idea and make a positive change

Be somebody change society change yourself and do things yourself. Stop waiting for some outside force or supernatural event to occur. What you see is what you get, there’s nothing else that’s going to happen unless you make something happen.

As a human being you are the intelligence that you wish to be you are beautiful you are fine just as you are have this as a mindset and motivate yourself think for yourself and come up with a solution for yourself you can do it it’s simple. All the solutions to your problems lies within your own brain, as my mother says there is a solution to every problem. Just figure out what you need to do and do it it’s that simple do what’s best for your sanity for your well-being and for your peace of mind.As I always say be your own best friend and love yourself.

A change won’t make you happy

A change in your life isn’t going to make you happy,having money having beauty having success having all the things You desire won’t necessarily make you happy.

In life happiness comes from within contentment comes from within. There is so much pain and suffering in the world and there are more important things than having success respect and fame from other people. Your mental health your love towards yourself and others and being human is what makes you valuable. No amount of respect from others or superficial things is going to make you happy.

There have been countless of people who we thought had everything who ended up killing themselves because of depression because they were unhappy so what makes you any different.

You need to come to a place of realisation that you are valuable as a person without absolutely anything just you being alive and being human makes you valuable appreciate yourself love yourself and know that you are loved by the universe by God by the divine and even if there isn’t a God or an intelligent universe you can love yourself You can respect yourself and you can be your own best friend.

Today take the time out to really value yourself to be kind to yourself the own best friend.

The sufferings of this present time

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth considering in comparison to the glory that should be revealed to us Romans 8.18. What a beautiful scripture this scripture is powerful and whether you believe in the bible or God these words are so so powerful,beautiful and loving they conjure up in my imagination something so profound.

my imagination is real and if like me you are intrigued by the power of the subconscious mind and quantum physics you may suspect that there is another world out there existing right now.I won’t get into details because it sounds complicated but going back to this scripture and how it could relate to the average atheist or a believer a Christian and Muslim.

The sufferings of our present time what does that mean it means that we all suffer we all have pain in this life and a lot of us have it consistently on a daily basis whether that be a difficulty in a country,with getting a job,our economy being rundown, ill health,injustice poverty so many cruel things.The sufferings of our present time make it hard to see the future we are blinded to the future and rightly so it’s painful right now we’ve got COVID-19 we’ve got so many fake ass politicians running our country. It’s hard but we do have a future,we have a future and even if you don’t believe in God one day you will lay your head to rest, and think about it eternal rest is something very blissful it’s a phenomenon on its own that we can’t really imagine and conceptualise. It is heaven!

you’ve lived your whole life in a state of time and space in a state of awareness in a state of of your five senses of feelings of smells all sorts of things and that will cease one day everyone around you everyone you know everything you knew that will stop. This shift of paradigm, all that you new will be a thing of the past, suffering will end it will end for everybody and it will end in a way that we expect it to whether we are believers or not.

it’s something that isn’t really talked about in this way but it’s a epiphany that I had one day in in my bed as all my revelations come to me. for every single person will have a transcendent moment of pure and utter bliss that they can hold onto in this life of pain and suffering it’s not something that’s preached on the pulpit it’s not something that a scientist will tell you to think about or your therapist or doctor will tell you, but this epiphany has helped me to navigate my way through life to know that there is coming a day where I will be totally liberated and I cannot wait for the day of death the day of death is the day of heaven it is the day of absolute bliss. I don’t actually believe in heaven I believe in consciousness we all have a brain and Our brain creates a conscious reality but do you know and scientists have proven this that you know when you are dead you know when your brain ceases to exist something happens something happens in your brain beyond its present moment beyond its life beyond its existence beyond its functioning something more than your brain happens when you die and for everybody and everything and every being that moment when our present conscious reality ceases is a moment of bliss because we move to a new consciousness to a new reality and for the person who doesn’t believe it’s an end to all suffering.

the person who does believe it’s the beginning of bliss so either way we have a future we have a glorious wonderful future no matter where you are or who you are.

if you’re an atheist and you’re living in pain and you feel like you’re a complete nobody know that and nobody else will tell you this know that each time and each day that goes there is coming a day where that will end and the longer that you’re here the more wonderful it will be for you. no one will say this to you but I’m saying it death is a good thing it is a positive thing and no one will tell you this it’s like a secret. it’s the beginning of bliss so either way we have a future we have a glorious wonderful future no matter where you are who you are. sleep is peaceful, sleep is wonderful in an hour sleep we dream dreams and in death there is no such thing as a nightmare it’s just rest so take heart and take courage.