Knowledge is Power

There is a famous scripture that says my people perish for their lack of knowledge. Most people in life want power and we think that power comes from money, fame your beauty or some other force. Knowledge is power and for you to be powerful in life you need to educate yourself. Educate yourself inContinue reading “Knowledge is Power”

Living on borrowed time

So if you haven’t figured this out yet we are living on borrowed time. Life on earth is way too short to think that you’re undeserving of good things. To live as though there is no meaning. Get this life is meaning. You are so so important and you are the centre of the universeContinue reading “Living on borrowed time”

I live with purpose

Choose to live with purpose living with purpose means living with dignity it means living to your highest values as a human being.I think every human being has an innate kind of inner angelic consciousness within them,like we are highly moral beings we grow up as innocent babies and if you see a baby theyContinue reading “I live with purpose”

A change won’t make you happy

A change in your life isn’t going to make you happy,having money having beauty having success having all the things You desire won’t necessarily make you happy. In life happiness comes from within contentment comes from within. There is so much pain and suffering in the world and there are more important things than havingContinue reading “A change won’t make you happy”

The sufferings of this present time

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth considering in comparison to the glory that should be revealed to us Romans 8.18. What a beautiful scripture this scripture is powerful and whether you believe in the bible or God these words are so so powerful,beautiful and loving they conjure upContinue reading “The sufferings of this present time”