It’s not all about how you look

Life isn’t always about aesthetic. I for one am obsessed with how things appear and look. But recently after the birth of my daughter and moving back to my old place rather than living with my mother in her immaculate place, I was humbled.

I felt really really down because my home wasn’t perfect. I didn’t have the latest gadgets and things were getting a bit dusty and old, as well as that I felt extremely unattractive and out of shape. I mean it got to the point where I avoided at all cost people visiting me and even the father of my child coming over to see my daughter.It wasn’t until I had a conversation with a helpline worker over the phone that I came to the conclusion that life is not all about looks and that the pleasure and the uplift in my mood could simply from having a conversation. I was able to gain a clearer more positive perspective on my life.

I realised just how grateful and lucky id been and it didn’t cost anything,it didn’t take months of saving or slaving away,life gave it to me for free. The gift of my creativity,writing talking, reading,watching and just experiencing the connection and love that I have with my daughter was more then anything I could have ever ask for. I realised life is about living in the moment and taking it all in without judgement living in the bliss of the present moment,that’s what matters and that’s what’s important.

Published by Afua

Hello my name is Afua and I am the founder of I want to share with you some deep revelations I've had, these revelations have felt completely natural and have moved and changed me in a powerful way. Through life experience and my choice to find answers I have discovered that there is a loving and Powerful intelligence at work in the universe. This energy manifest through all things and has an awareness. I know all things are connected and as matter we're part of a huge multifaceted diamond, a beautiful and eternal manifestation which words limit me to speak of. I know for sure we are here to radiate the Love, Joy, Harmony, and Peace of our source the Divine energy and spirit of life.

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