Knowledge is Power

There is a famous scripture that says my people perish for their lack of knowledge. Most people in life want power and we think that power comes from money, fame your beauty or some other force. Knowledge is power and for you to be powerful in life you need to educate yourself.

Educate yourself in the things that matter to you, in the things that you’re passionate about and try to acquire basic general knowledge.It’s very important because your life will reflect your knowledge.Sometimes we think the richest people or the most successful people don’t know a lot but you’ll be surprised they do they just don’t know it in the way we do,they’ve acquired their knowledge through life experience through the hardships that they’ve been through.

Now we have an array of different technology if you don’t have the money to go to school and learn you can literally become an expert overnight through audible books or even YouTube. There are essays online which are free to read and written by credible well respected leaders in their field. So there is no excuse you can learn how to heal yourself you can learn how to become an expert in hair all for free on the Internet for a very low price so choose today what you wish to be and go ahead and start learning on that subject before you know it you’ll be doing great things.

Published by Afua

Hello my name is Afua and I am the founder of I want to share with you some deep revelations I've had, these revelations have felt completely natural and have moved and changed me in a powerful way. Through life experience and my choice to find answers I have discovered that there is a loving and Powerful intelligence at work in the universe. This energy manifest through all things and has an awareness. I know all things are connected and as matter we're part of a huge multifaceted diamond, a beautiful and eternal manifestation which words limit me to speak of. I know for sure we are here to radiate the Love, Joy, Harmony, and Peace of our source the Divine energy and spirit of life.

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