I live with purpose

Choose to live with purpose living with purpose means living with dignity it means living to your highest values as a human being.I think every human being has an innate kind of inner angelic consciousness within them,like we are highly moral beings we grow up as innocent babies and if you see a baby they are completely innocent,completely dependent upon the people that are looking after them. It breaks our hearts when we see babies cry it breaks our hearts when we see babies orphaned, because there is something about a human being that has value that makes you want to respect them

I think living with purpose means focusing our attention on the now, living within your present moment and embracing who you are, accepting who you are and realising that life is a gift, life is awesome life is precious and life is a mystery. We might not know all the answers now but one day I believe we will know. Until that day comes we need to live with the highest intention our highest morality and our highest dignity

I think sometimes we can get so distracted by the chaos in the suffering and pain of life that we forget who we are. I think that we need to focus on our present moment so that we can have an inner peace. life is a gift but it’s how you live life and how you navigate life is the question and what should be the one thing that we want in this life? Is it not peace and contentment and that comes with living in the present moment with purpose with dignity and with morality.

Aside now having peace and contentment doesn’t always mean having an easy life it means having the knowledge and the awareness and the revelation within yourself that all is as it is I’m excepting who I am I’m excepting my reality and I’m living within the present moment with what I have and with what I feel and know to be true within myself and it’s as simple as that

Published by Afua

Hello my name is Afua and I am the founder of spirit-guidance.com. I want to share with you some deep revelations I've had, these revelations have felt completely natural and have moved and changed me in a powerful way. Through life experience and my choice to find answers I have discovered that there is a loving and Powerful intelligence at work in the universe. This energy manifest through all things and has an awareness. I know all things are connected and as matter we're part of a huge multifaceted diamond, a beautiful and eternal manifestation which words limit me to speak of. I know for sure we are here to radiate the Love, Joy, Harmony, and Peace of our source the Divine energy and spirit of life.

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